Brave Words

Jo Turner facilitating Brave Words at Good Food On The edge Wotton Under Edge

Facilitated conversation evenings in Wotton organised by Jo Turner

Do you find yourself craving more than small talk? Something deeper than polite chit chat and amusing anecdotes?

Research tells us there is a link between time spent engaged in meaningful conversation and happiness. This is particularly the case with more introverted people but there is a basic need in all of us for deep connection with other humans.

The intention behind ‘Brave Words’ is to provide a series of conversation evenings in Wotton, where you can enjoy facilitated discussion in small groups with people you already know or perhaps with people you’ve never spoken to before. We don’t all have to agree and topics have been chosen deliberately to bring out a range of opinions. The aim is to stimulate lively, respectful debate.

Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the night.

Thursday 6th February, 7:30pm

Take care of yourself – what do we really mean?

Our speaker, John Davis has a background in  secondary education and is director of Facts4Life, an organisation which  promotes a new way of thinking about our health and challenges commonly held  beliefs about illness and resilience

Past events

Thursday 10th October, 7:30pm

Forty years of debate about gender and sexuality: what has changed?

Guest speaker: Rosie Bailey

Thursday 14th November, 7:30pm

Our modern day relationship with dogs, have we gone barking mad?

Guest speaker: John Barnes